Why use a monitoring solution ?

Consumer reviews, product tests, fan conversations, photos, videos… Each day, billions of data are exchanged on the web by your clients, your competitors or the online press. For the companies, monitoring the different interactions has become a strategic issue.


There is no ignoring this huge flow of data published on blogs, forums, social networks, that can make and unmake a brand’s e-reputation in only a few hours ?


In order to answer these new issues, Groupe361 has developed a different and innovative monitoring and analysis tool. A toolset composed of constantly updated modules answering the market’s ever-changing needs.


Our monitoring solution, through its modules, gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on the online presence of your brand, and also to stay ahead of the market; A serious advantage in a world where everything always goes faster and faster.


With OPINION TRACKER®, you can detect emerging trends and behavioral data, spot frequently asked questions, anticipate consumer needs and anticipate weak signals that may lead to a crisis.