E-reputation monitoring

Discussion spaces multiplying, accelerated spreading of messages on the web, rise of the social tools… Each day, your brand can be attacked on the web, sustainably damaging your brand image. Adopting a monitoring and e-reputation strategy becomes a vital momve for any company. With OPINION TRACKER®, listen to everything that is said about your brand and anticipate any potential image crisis. Learn to know your strengths and weaknesses and build your strategy in order to protect your company. Managing your e-reputation means acting to avoid being surprised !


  • Listen to what your clients, influencers, journalists, partners have to say about you
  • Detect the appearance of rumors and misinformation about your brand, products and top management
  • Identify influencers in your activity branch and spot brand advocates
  • Anticipate a potential image crisis and control the elements that influence your activity
  • Detect new communication opportunities in order to strengthen your positioning and your image