Why Opinion Tracker ?

The first bunch of tools to monitor the web

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New social networks, mobile platform development, big data…

The digital world is going through an unprecedented revolution. As it becomes more and more difficult to follow and adapt to new tools and to new user habits, mastering the billions of data generated by the web becomes a real strategic issue for organizations

The only app using Visual Pattern Recognition technology


In the last few years, the equipment rate for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) has completely changed people’s habits regarding photography.

In parallel to this phenomenon, the rise to power of social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr and the increasing number of connected users have multiplied the number of photos published on the web.

Brands do not escape this revolution : statuses on networks, blog posts, forums messages… each message, positive or negative, may now be accompanied by a picture.

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One step ahead with visual recognition

Chiffres-ReconnaissanceImages-enWhen most monitoring apps are content with analyzing descriptions accompanying images published on the web, OPINION TRACKER® includes a high-performance VPR (Visual Pattern Recognition) module.
This innovative technology enables you for instance to identify a picture containing a logo or packaging linked to a brand.
An offer that makes a real difference when you know that 90% of pictures escape detection by the usual monitoring tools.

A totally customizable dashboard

Visuel-dashboardOPINION TRACKER® is the first and only dashboard to offer over 300 indicators and news feeds.
To ease consultation of your indicators, OPINION TRACKER® gives you widgets (monitoring and analysis modules) preconfigured to give you immediate and easy access to major indicators concerning you : top 10 influencers, volume trend graphs, keyword clouds…

A totally customizable configuration

You are also free to create and modify at will these widgets and thus customize your own dashboard, grouping your key indicators for a fast and adapted consultation.

Total mobility. Immediate reactivity.

Because date evolves in real-time, your dashboard is constantly updated. This way, you are assured to be able to consult updated data from your desk, an airport hall or your home. OPINION TRACKER® is accessible from Android, Blackberry, Windows, smartphones and tablets…

An efficient Engagement Console


OPINION TRACKER® enables you to directly engage your community. You can answer questions, promote products to influencers or targeted thought leaders.

Better safe than sorry

The collecting of messages according to customizable search criteria gives you an optimal reaction time. In these times when social networks are more dynamic than ever and a few hours are all it takes for an information to go around the world, the reactivity of OPINION TRACKER®’s Engagement Console will enable you tomorrow to avoid an uncontrollable bad buzz;

You are now in control. Wherever you are and without leaving OPINION TRACKER®, you can engage in conversations with web users and manage situations before they turn into crises.

Detection of influencers and propagation routes

Visuel-Detection_influenceursOn the web, all users are not equal. Some of them have a louder voice and what thay say has more weight. They are influencers.
For a brand, learning to know their influencers better is strategic. Once their profiles are identified, it is much easier to engage in customized conversations with them, and thus convert them in brand advocates.

One step ahead with visual recognition

When most monitoring apps are content with analyzing descriptions accompanying images published on the web, OPINION TRACKER® includes a high-performance VPR (Visual Pattern Recognition) module.

cartographie multi-criteresThis innovative technology enables you for instance to identify a picture containing a logo or packaging linked to a brand.
An offer that makes a real difference when you know that 90% of pictures escape detection by the usual monitoring tools.

A CRM interface

What is more important for your client relationship management than listening ?

OPINION TRACKER® is a tool that ideally completes your CRM solution. By collecting in real-time customer reviews, questions or conversations between your clients on the web, you amass fresh and relevant data which help you develop your strategy.

OPINION TRACKER® help you better understand your clients and better answer their everyday needs. If your company allow it, you will be able to directly import this precious information in your CRM interface.

A new vision for your client relation, easier, faster and more efficient.

A high-performance website traffic measurement

Mesure Trafic
If it is paramount to detect a conversation or message regarding your brand, it is even more important to weight this information by analyzing the traffic of the website, forum or social network on which it has been published.
Is it a high-traffic website or rather an isolated action on a small site ?
OPINION TRACKER® analyzes and gives you this precious information with its WebAudience module. Once this information is acquired, actions may be adapted as a consequence.

Multiple applications for this traffic measurement

OPINION TRACKER® enables you to acquire strategic data regarding a comptetitor’s website or a blog that seems influential. Learn more about the SEO traffic of a website, about the keywords that bring traffic to this site.

A mobile solution

Visuel-SolutionMobileMobility is no longer a fashion, it is a fact. Professionnals have understood this and look for tools capable of answering their needs in terms of mobility.

Unlimited access, 24/7 from everywhere

OPINION TRACKER® has been imagined with these new uses in mind. The tool is accessible from all your devices* at any time. Only an internet connection is required.
Your tool follows you everywhere and gives you more reactivity. You are assured to be able to consult fresh data from your desk, an airport hall or your house.
You will never again miss a strategic information.

* accessible on Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone smartphones and tablets…

A monitoring of competitor websites

Visuel-SurveillanceNew product launch or promotional offers, each day your competitors publish new content on their websites or their Facebook page.
Monitoring of these movements and information is strategic for brands. OPINION TRACKER®, thanks to its CompetitorEye module, gives a true headstart to brands by offering them customizedmonitoring of mainstreams sites, social media, and Facebook pages.
Each day, you receive an email alerting you of major changes that could be important for your brand’s strategy.

The world moves. OPINION TRACKER® too.

The world moves. OPINION TRACKER® too.

In order to make a difference in this perpetually moving world, the unparalleled OPINION TRACKER® solution was created as the one and only web monitoring toolset, with its 9 innovative modules in constant evolution.

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New uses, new solutions

OPINION TRACKER® stands out from other solutions by its ability to offer smart modules completely adapted to current needs and new uses. For instance, the ImageTracker® module is able to recognize a picture concerning a brand and published on a blog, a forum or a social network, at a time when millions of pictures are published eeach day on the web.


OPINION TRACKER® marks a breakthrough in the world of web monitoring by going from a unique and general tool to a real adaptative and evolutive toolset. A revolution on the e-reputation market.

The most complete sourcing on the market


Visuel-sourcingOPINION TRACKER® gets its data from certified data resellers which benefit from worldwide contracts with all major players such as Facebook and Twitter, enabling the solution to access all published data in real time.
Thanks to these partnerships, OPINION TRACKER® makes a difference by offering a direct access to the Twitter Firehose, giving access to the 400 million daily tweets, where other solutions are limited to 1% of these tweets.
Other example of the power of this tool, OPINION TRACKER® can crawl continuously over 650 million websites, blogs, forums, mainstream media, Faceboo, Twitter, consumers review sites…

An unparalleled storage capacity

Chiffres-sourcing-enAn unparalleled storage capacity With a cutting-edge server infrastructure and a powerful data storage capacity, OPINION TRACKER® monitors each day 25 billion pages and offers access to 5 years of archives. A real strategic asset in this Big Data day and age.